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Pablo Picasso, « Sueño y mentira de Franco », (planche II), IIIe état 1937, aquatinte, eau-forte, grattoir, Musée national Picasso-Paris, ©Succession Picasso 2019


21 July – 3 January 2021

«Picasso and the comics» is the first exhibition dedicated to the links between Pablo Picasso’s work and the world of comics. Through a selection of drawings, prints and original plates, the exhibition first looks back at Picasso’s passion for the genre. Always curious to experiment with new techniques, Picasso has also explored this art.



Picasso Poète

Pablo Picasso, « Sur le dos de l’immense tranche de melon ardent », 1935, dessin à la plume, dessin au crayon de couleur, encre de Chine, vergé, Musée national Picasso-Paris, © Succession Picasso 2019


21 July – 3 January 2021

«Picasso poet» explores an unknown aspect of Pablo Picasso’s work by showing the importance of poetic writing in his creative process. The exhibition explores many of the artist’s manuscript poems, confronting them with contemporary drawings and paintings. It reveals the parallels and transitions between texts and paintings as well as the extraordinary resourcefulness of the poet Picasso.



« Nusch Éluard »

21 July – 3 January 2021



9 February 2021 – 18 July 2021

Presented simultaneously in both institutions, the exhibition offers an unprecedented combination of two iconic artists whose formal inventions represent a turning point in modern art. The exhibition will highlight unexpected convergences in the creative processes that characterize the work of the two artists. While at the Musée Rodin the artistic approaches developed by the two artists to illustrate reality will be studied, the exhibition at the Musée Picasso will present the intimate sphere of creation in the studio’s laboratory.

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