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The museum reopens on 21 july



Femme couchée lisant, 21 Janvier 1939, Peinture à l’huile, 96 x 135 cm, Musée national Picasso – Paris, Photo © RMN-Grand Palais (Musée national Picasso-Paris) / Sylvie Chan-Liat © Succession Picasso 2019

« Picasso. Lectures, relectures »

Levels 2 and 3
February 11 – January 10 2021

“Picasso. Lectures, relectures” presents a thematic tour through the museum’s collections, dedicated to the influence of literature on the work of Pablo Picasso. An unobtrusive but insatiable reader, Picasso drew inspiration from books throughout his life. In the light of his personal library, part of which is presented here for the first time, some of the museum’s masterpieces reveal the importance of narrative in the artist’s creative process. This highly original exhibition immerses visitors in his imaginative world and provides a fresh take on his work.



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