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Etude pour Guernica (Tête de cheval)

Etude pour Guernica (Tête de cheval)
Pablo Picasso, Paris, 2 mai 1937
Musée de la Reine Sofia, Madrid
Photo © Musée de la Reine Sofia, Madrid
© Succession Picasso


« Guernica »

27 march – 29 july 2018

Following the 80th anniversary of the creation of the work, the Musée national Picasso-Paris, in partnership with the National Museum Reina Sofía Art Center, presents an exhibition about Guernica, masterpiece of Pablo Picasso. The anti-Franco, anti-fascist and pacifist symbol, which is one of the most famous paintings in the world, was preserved in 1981 to Madrid where it is now permanently displayed. Thanks to an exceptional collection of sketches and archives, the exhibition proposes a lesson on the history of Guernica and clarifies questions about Picasso’s political engagement.

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The exhibition is organized in partnership with museum Reina Sofia and les Abattoirs.



Mobilier Giacometti




Diego Giacometti

17 May – 4 November 2018

The exhibition “Diego Giacometti at the Musée Picasso” is an opportunity to explore the story behind Diego Giacometti’s extraordinary commission for the opening of the Musée national Picasso-Paris in October 1985. This remarkable 50-piece collection of chairs, benches, lights and tables, designed exclusively for the Hôtel Salé, was the pinnacle of Diego Giacometti’s career, and the final commission he completed before his death in July 1985. Called an “artisan-poet” by Jean Leymarie, Diego Giacometti incorporated various aspects of his universe into this furniture, including his interest in nature and the plant world, his reinterpretations of ancient, Greek and Etruscan sources, and his desire to create true “geometry in the air”. The bronze and resin furniture, now indissociable from the décor of the Hôtel Salé, will enter into a dialogue with the artist’s original plasters. His studio collection will also be presented, along with a selection of hitherto-unseen photographs and archives, in order to situate this commission within its creative context.


Pablo Picasso
Nature morte à la chaise cannée
Printemps 1912 – Paris
Huile et toile cirée sur toile encadrée de corde 29 x 37 cm
Dation en 1979, MP36
Photo © RMN-Grand Palais / René-Gabriel Ojéda

© Succession Picasso


« Picasso’s Picassos »

Hôtel Salé, level 2

The second floor presents a selection of ‘Picasso’s Picassos’ – those works that the artist kept all his life, and which form the basis of the museum’s collection, the largest of the artist’s works in the world. This exceptional collection comes from two donations made in 1979 and 1990 through Acceptance in Lieu. It allows us to examine the major periods of Pablo Picasso’s work.


« Picasso and his personal collection »

Hôtel Salé, level 3

On the third floor, masterpieces by Pablo Picasso intermingle with artworks from his personal collection, just like in his studios. The collection encompasses contemporaries of the artist, such as Henri Matisse and Joan Miró, as well as some old masters he admired.



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