In addition to being responsible for the conservation of national collections, the Musée Picasso Paris also has an educational vocation. As with all major public institutions, it places arts and cultural education at the heart of its priorities and its visitors development strategy.


Giving young people the opportunity to get close to the collections is central to the activities aimed at school groups. To avoid being too prescriptive or austere, tours will be, as far as possible, guided by the students’ own perception of the artworks as a way to encourage dialogue and stimulate their critical mind. The museum guides will bring up key ideas on Picasso’s work and the history of modern art to lead discussions. Tours will be adapted to the specific requirements of each group, contributing to making the museum’s collections a public legacy accessible to all.



A range of educational aids for teachers


Teachers will be provided with educational media on the museum and its collections, which will give them the relevant information to prepare their visits in advance, with or without a guide from the museum, and extend the experience once back in the classroom. Special training programs will also be gradually offered to teachers after the reopening.



Exclusive visiting hours


Teachers can choose to guide their tours themselves or to follow a museum guide, specially trained to handle the specific needs and requests of school groups.


School groups will benefit from special visiting arrangements at the Musée Picasso Paris. Between 9.30 and 11.30 am, three days a week, the museum will be exclusively open to school groups before it opens to the general public, (except during French school holidays – zone C).



Booking information


Booking for the various programs will start few weeks before the reopening of the museum – the exact date will soon be announced on this page. No reservations are possible before this date.
Reservations will only be possible online, with a helpline to provide assistance when necessary


To stay informed on the educational activities for schools and the training programme and activities for teachers, please fill in the questionnaire available here.


For further information, please contact us by email: