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Unique collections to discover and rediscover

Some 5,000 works by Pablo Picasso, 200,000 pieces from his personal archives and his exclusive collection of 150 paintings by other artists, including Renoir, Matisse, Cézanne, Le Douanier Rousseau.

The Musée Picasso Paris presents a remarkable testimonial on Picasso and his creative process. The rare diversity of his collections is an invitation to endlessly explore the powerful work of this artist— at once a painter, sculptor, ceramicist, photographer and writer—through a multitude of thematic tours and experiences.

The renovated museum features original exhibition displays, new tours of the collections and fully renovated spaces.


A visit for everyone

To make the collections as accessible as possible and the museum even more welcoming, the team of Musée Picasso Paris has developed a multi-faceted cultural programme, specially-adapted services and approaches tailored to all different types of visitor. From self-guided visits of the museum to guided tours and innovative educational initiatives, the museum offers a comprehensive range of services to assist every visitor in his exploration of Picasso’s rich universe.

Making the museum a space accessible to all was one of the main priorities of the Musée Picasso Paris renovation. Special attention has been paid to the quality of the welcoming of visitors in every part of the museum.

There are many different ways to explore the museum and the work of Pablo Picasso. Whether you are visiting alone or with friends, with or without a guide, Musée national Picasso – Paris has something for everyone.


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