Exhibition “Guernica”

Picasso’s masterpiece, Guernica, is one of the most famous paintings in the world.
This exhibition will show you all of this masterpiece’s life, from the sources which inspired it until its recognition as a universal symbol of peace.
This tour will reveal an exceptional group of studies as well as numerous archive documents, allowing you to dive into the story of the Spanish civil war – and of Guernica.
The museum’s guide will tell you how this painting was born and retrace the steps that turned it into a true icon, before questioning the theme of Picasso’s political engagement.

English speaking tours
From April the 3rd, every Tuesday at 11.00 am


Tours duration : 1h15

Full price €7 (+ ticket or proof of eligibility for free entry)

Reduce Rate* €5 (+ proof of eligibility for free entry)

Tour subject to places being available, booking required.


*Reduce Rate
● Disabled people, plus one companion
● Under-18s
● EU citizens or residents aged under 26
● Museum members

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