Collection’s Tour (Levels -1, 2 and 3)

The Musée national Picasso-Paris has the largest collection of the artist’s works in the world, including every period and every field of his creation. This includes “Picasso’s Picasso”, works coming straight from the artist’s studio, as well as his personal collection. The exhibitions “Picasso. Panorama” and “¡ Picasso !” display about 200 works of art on 3 levels and give a global vision of Picasso’s art in its variety of subjects, styles or technics. Paintings, sculptures, drawings, engravings, ceramics… give a new understanding of the artist’s life and creative process and of the spreading of his works.

English speaking tours

From September the 9th to October the 7th, every Saturday at 2.00 pm.




Picasso and his personal collection

The collection of the Musée national Picasso-Paris is the largest public collection of Picasso’s works in the world. Most of them come directly from the artist’s studios, as well as from his personal collection, which filled his workshops and inspired him constantly.
This collection is now exhibited in the upper level of the hotel Salé, right under its historical wooden beams. From landscapes to still-lifes, from typical Spanish themes to primitivistic works, our guide will lead you to the discovery of the rich dialogue existing between Picasso’s masterpieces and the works of both ancient and modern artists: Le Nain, Matisse or Renoir.

English speaking tours

From October the 28th, every Saturday at 2.00 pm


Tours duration : 1h15

Full price €7 (+ ticket or proof of eligibility for free entry)

Reduce Rate* €5 (+ proof of eligibility for free entry)

Tour subject to places being available, booking required.


*Reduce Rate
● Disabled people, plus one companion
● Under-18s
● EU citizens or residents aged under 26
● Museum members

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