Escalier d'honneur
Escalier d'honneur

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The Musée national Picasso-Paris is a public organization that since its opening, benefited from the generosity of the heirs of Pablo Picasso as well as major donors. Thanks to numerous donations and bequests made to the museum, these gifts enabled to expand the museum’s collection and exhibit masterpieces that belong to everyone. In order to fulfill the numerous museum’s missions such as preserving and enhancing its unique collection, the museum needs more than ever your support. Your implication and contribution, as an individual, a foundation and/or a company is essential to us and remain as a major asset for the sustainability of our institution. Discover now the museum's projects and how, as a company, foundation or individual, you can get involved and participate to the life of a great museum!

Individual support

As an individual, you have different options to get involved in the life of the museum. Any contribution, even a small one, counts! Your involvement can take the following forms:


  • Cash donation: this is the donation of sums of money (handing over a cheque or bank transfer).
  • The donation of a work of art to enrich the museum's collections (subject to its acceptance by the museum's acquisitions committee and, according to its value, by the National Museums Artistic Council).
  • A donation subject to usufruct allows the donor to keep the work of art he has donated to the museum throughout his life.
  • Donations from individuals domiciled in France for tax purposes are eligible, under certain conditions, for an income tax reduction equal to 66% of the amount of the donation (within the annual limit of 20% of taxable income, with the possibility of carrying forward the excess to the following five years).
  • The bequest by will, in favor of the Picasso Museum Paris, of a work of art to enrich the museum's collection or a sum of money to support the museum.
  • Dation is an exceptional method of payment that allows certain tax debts (transfer duties free of charge, sharing rights, solidarity tax on wealth) to be paid by handing over to the State works of high artistic or historical value. The dation in payment can thus contribute to the enrichment of the museum's collections

Corporate support

As a company, supporting the Musée national Picasso-Paris means giving it the means to achieve its ambitions, both nationally and internationally. Among all the projects proposed, the objective is to be able to collaborate on a common mission and to best promote your values and vision with those of the museum. Becoming a patron of the Musée national Picasso-Paris offers you the opportunity to benefit from many advantages and privileges:

  • High visibility among a national and international audience
  • An enhancement of the company's image (visibility on communication media)
  • Access privileges to the museum
  • A privatization of the renovated spaces of the Hôtel Salé for your public relations.

*The company domiciled in France for tax purposes may then benefit, under certain conditions, from a tax reduction equal to 60% of the amount of the donation (within the limit of 0.5% of the turnover excluding VAT, with the possibility of carrying forward the excess over the following five fiscal years).

European Union companies can benefit from the tax advantages provided for sponsorship in their country (within the limits and conditions specific to each of the laws concerned).



Leslie Lechevallier
Director of Communications and Audience Development


Le Musée national Picasso-Paris remercie chaleureusement l’ensemble de ses mécènes et partenaires, qui grâce à leur passion et leur soutien ont œuvré à la réalisation de nombreux projets.